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State of Europe's Forests 2015 Report

Forest area in Europe keeps increasing, offering greats opportunities for mitigating climate changeas well as for the development of the forest sector and its transition to a green economy. At the same time, there are an increasing number of countries with improved national policy instruments, and sustainable forest management (SFM) has gained ground in the region over the last years. These are only some of the main conclusions of the State of Europe’s Forests 2015 report, which was launched at the 7th FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conference, held in Madrid, Spain, on 20-221 October 2015. This is the 4th, and so far last, edition of the report.


The State of Europe’s Forests 2015 report is divided into two parts. The first part (Overall Policies, Institutions and Instruments for Sustainable Forest Management) provides general information about the way in which forests are governed in the European countries through policies, institutions and instruments for SFM. These aspects are covered by 5Qualitative Indicators and the changes reported on these indicators over time reveal how policymakers are responding to the challenges and opportunities associated with forests and SFM. The second part of the report (European Forests: Status, Trends and Policy responses) provides the information relating to the 35 Quantitative Indicators, which provide information on the current status and changes in European forests and the progress achieved in SFM, and to the 12 Qualitative Indicators which provide information about the policies, institutions and instruments used to address specific Policy Areas corresponding to the Quantitative Indicators for SFM. This part of the report is structured according to the 6 Criteria for SFM and includes the Quantitative Indicators and the Qualitative Indicators that relate directly to them.


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