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SFM in a Green Economy

Forests and sustainable forest management are essential in the transition to a green economy that would improve human well-being and social equity, while significantly reduce environmental risks and ecological scarcities.


In Europe, thanks to sustainable forest management, the forest sector already displays many of the characteristics of a green economy and has the potential to play a major role in the emerging sustainable economy, like contributing to a low-carbon green economy, or increasing provision of wood, non-wood products and ecosystem services in a sustainable way.


At the Oslo Conference, Ministers underlined the need to raise awareness about the role of forest in the process of transitioning  to a green economy, recognizing the importance of its economic functions to generate and maintain jobs and income, contributing to rural development and enabling the long term economic viability and competitiveness of forestry and forest-based industries. They also stressed the need to highlight the lack of emphasis being placed on social aspects of forestry and the need to adapt to changing social needs.


FOREST EUROPE works to propose a pan-European approach to raise awareness and contributes to the decision making process to underline forest contributions to the world economy.  It will elaborate a proposal on how to enhance employment and social aspects, especially in rural areas, through sustainable forest management in a green economy.


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