You are hereFOREST EUROPE opens 2nd edition of the ‘Show Off Your Forest’ photography contest

FOREST EUROPE opens 2nd edition of the ‘Show Off Your Forest’ photography contest

The 2nd edition of the FOREST EUROPE ‘Show Off Your Forest’ photographic competition opened today.


2,110 people from 39 countries participated in the 1st edition of this competition by submitting their works and voting. Even more people are expected to take part in this second edition, which will be dedicated to showing the protective functions of forests and their need for protection.


Forests protect us in many different ways: by preventing soil erosion, preserving water resources, stabilizing stream banks and sand dunes, absorbing carbon from the atmosphere, protecting human infrastructures from avalanches, landslides, rockfalls, floods... And forests need protecting too, because they face many threats that could put at risk the goods, services and protection they provide if they are not adequately protected and sustainably managed.


If you would like to enter this edition of the ‘Show Off Your Forest’ photography contest you will have to try to illustrate these ideas, and show that, in the end, protecting forests means protecting ourselves.


A new step for this edition of the competition is that, as well as awarding prizes for pictures taken with digital cameras, we have a new category for photos taken with mobile devices (phones and tablets). Entries for these two categories will be judged and rewarded separately.


Photographs can be submitted now and up to the deadline of 8 February 2015.


More information about the requirements and calendar of the contest can be found at its website:

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