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Implementation Reports

Documents and reports on implementation of the Goals for European Forests and the European 2020 Targets for Forests, the FOREST EUROPE Work Programmes, Biodiversity Work Programmes and other commitments:



  • MCPFE Commitments

    Report on the implementation of the MCPFE commitments at national and pan-European level since 3rd Ministerial Conference in Lisbon (1998) and further progress in implementing commitments made at the Ministerial Conference in Helsinki (1993) and in Strasbourg (1990).

  • Biodiversity Work Programme

    The "Work-Programme on the Conservation and Enhancement of Biological and Landscape biversity in Forest Ecosystems 1997-2000" ("Biodiversity Work-Programme") is a joint initiative of the MCPFE and the pan-European Ministerial Process "Environment for Europe." It defines important objectives and actions in the field of biological diversity as an essential element of sustainable forest management. The Biodiversity Work-Programme was adopted at Expert-Level by the Third Meeting of the Executive Bureau of the Pan-European Biological and Landscape Diversity Strategy, 20-21 November 1997, Geneva, Switzerland and by the Fifth Expert Level Follow-up Meeting of the Helsinki Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe, 8-9 December 1997, Geneva, Switzerland.