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Further Development of SFM & Tools


Sustainable forest management in Europe is a holistic approach to balancing environmental, economic, and social and cultural functions of forests. Through the FOREST EUROPE commitments, the concept of Sustainable Forest Management has been defined and continuously developed at the pan-European level, constantly adapting it to new challenges for the effective planning, manage and delivery of forest goods and services.


The first goal to support the new vision for forests in Europe in the Oslo Ministerial Decision: European Forests 2020 is that sustainable management of all European forests ensures multiple forest functions and enhances lasting provision of goods and services.


As part of this progress, in the same decision, paragraph 24 a, the ministers decided on prioritize in FOREST EUROPE work programme the action:


“Further development of sustainable forest management and its tools:


Responding to increasing attention and new scientific knowledge on the multiple roles that forests and sustainable forest management play in tackling global challenges, FOREST EUROPE will step up efforts and further consolidate the pan-European policies and tools for sustainable forest management, taking into account biodiversity and climate change commitments, emerging threats to and pressure on forest resources as well as the role of forest owners.”


This action is an overarching element that encompasses and is interlinked with the other working actions of FOREST EUROPE.


In order to fulfil this action the following activities considered in the FOREST EUROPE work programme have been fulfilled:


- An analysis of the state of the art, which was included in the EFI project “Implementing criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management in Europe" (2013).


- An Expert Group to explore improvements in Sustainable Forest Management guidelines and other existing tools, to identify and incorporate new knowledge and emerging issues worked through 2012 and 2014; and


- A Round Table Meeting in order to explore proposals for improvements in Sustainable Forest Management tools was held in Cuenca, Spain on 3 November 2015.


As a follow-up of these activities a process on updating the pan-European indicators for Sustainable Forest Management was launched in January 2015, and a proposal to update the pan-European indicators for SFM was presented at and adopted by the Expert Level Meeting (ELM) in January 2015 and endorsed by the ministers at the 7th FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conference.



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