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Meetings 2013

Rovaniemi, Finland, 12 December 2013
FOREST EUROPE, EFI and METLA jointly organized a side event, in the frame of the European Forest Week, under the title “EXPERIENCES AND FUTURE OF SUSTAINABLE FOREST MANAGEMENT IN EUROPE”.
Rovaniemi, Finland, 10 December 2013
This side event, organized under the title "Bringing more value to our forests - Payments and markets for ecosystem services", has examined work in Europe to stimulate new forest market opportunities, based on payments for ecosystem services. Many of the services provided by forests have not traditionally been fully valued in markets, including the contribution to tackling climate change, regulating water quality and quantity and providing biodiversity. Work has advanced in recent years to estimate values for these services. This evidence base has contributed to efforts to find ways of setting up new market opportunities which can reward forest owners for the services they provide. At the same time, work has been carried out to understand why businesses and the public may wish to pay for these services.
Madrid, Spain, 6-7 March 2013
FOREST EUROPE Expert Level Meeting was held in Madrid on the 6thy and 7th of March.