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Infographic: European Forest

Infographic: European forests


European forests: presents general facts about forests of the pan-European region, including information on forest area, the volume of wood growing in the forests, the different types of forests and forest property.




Infographic: Environmental functions of forestsInfographic: Environmental functions of forests


Environmental functions of forests: underlines the role of forests in fighting climate change, preventing soil erosion, preserving water resources, and providing habitat for hundreds of species.





Infographic: Economic value of forestsInfographic: Economic value of forests


Economic value of forests: provides data that raises awareness of the economic importance of forests, which are a source of income and wealth for many people.




Infographic: Social benefits of forestsInfographic: Social benefits of forests


Social benefits of forests: includes data about the relation between forests and employment in Europe; energy; recreation; the cultural and spiritual values of forests; and other issues related to the multiple social benefits provided by these ecosystems.

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